Ceramics by Eva Bouzard-Hui

In her ceramics experience, Eva found her clay in the banks of the stream, in the woods of Fort Motte,
South Carolina, at age 5. She began to mold some little figures and farm animals.

As an adult, Eva studied with Peter Volkaus, William Lau and Ka Kwong Hui who became her husband
for 23 years in 1980. It was in these combinations of influences that shape her ceramics today:
The freedom of Volkaus, the lyricism of William Lau and the genius of the wheel-thrown form
from Ka Kwong Hui. After traveling to China in 1993 on a Geraldine Dodge Foundation grant,
she was able to spend time working in the fine art section of the Jingdezhen Factory for a summer,
absorbing the fine arts in the oldest porcelain factory.

Today, Eva works with underglaze and low fire work. Ceramic figures enhance the rim
of the wheel-thrown pieces as they interact with each other creating their narrative stories.

  Ceramics by Eva Bouzard-Hui  
  I have been working with Slavica Musulin, an artist from Croatia, on wheel thrown pieces. Slavica comes with quite an expertise
in arts and has been helping me. Her work and mine have been very compatible and we have been signing both our names
on these wheel thrown pieces.
  May 2006   Pottery
  Ceramics by Eva Bouzard-Hui  
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