Paintings by Eva Bouzard-Hui
Eva Bouzard-Hui finished her ED.D in Art Education and Administration at Columbia Teachers College
in 1995. She did her dissertation for this advanced work in a multi-dimensional approach,
both two- and three-dimensional work, concentrating on her experience in painting, drawing,
ceramics and poetry. She worked to receive her ED.D by teaching figure drawing at Columbia Teachers
College. Eva has always found that all these mediums enhance the depth of the others.
  Paintings by Eva Bouzard-Hui  
  I was in a plane over Hong Kong in December 2004 when the Indian Ocean Tsunami hit. All the newpapers carried the
monumental disaster. My prayers for the people led to those drawings. I completed a series which expresses hope as well as
resignation from this event. I hope you can click on and feel the love behind these drawings. I tried to convey hope
by the Tsunami drawings and poems. Among his various collections, former president William Clinton owns a print copy
of theseTsunami pieces.
December 2004
  Paintings by Eva Bouzard-Hui  

Events happen, pushing the experience into memory. My paintings and drawings record the events as they happen
in my daily experience or from things that I read and hear about. My paintings are created with oil, acrylic or mixed medi
on canvas, while many of my drawings are mixed media on handmade paper. Over 300 sheets of paper were made
for some of these images. Sometimes rice papers were pressed into the screening as these sheets of paper were prepared
to form the surface for the delicate and meaningful drawings, sketches and paintings. Mediums used range from ink, collage,
mineral color to water color along with chinese paper.


Collection I

Collection II
Of Peace
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